Strategic plan:

The perspective Strategic planning is carried out in the institution by the governing body. The Governing body comprises of members from teaching and non-teaching staff. The development of the college is a constant ongoing process. At every step the governing body tries to improve the institution with the help of strategic/ perspective plan. Actions are taken whenever necessary. All the members of the governing body involve themselves in the process. The inputs and suggestions are considered while developing the strategic plan. The tasks are divided based on their merit and the facilities.

For the development of the college, every year plan is made for improving the organization. It is the responsibility of each department to provide valuable suggestions and also to provide support for the same. Constant support from various departments is highly valued.

The institution has planned a separate building for the construction of library with all facilities.

There is a plan for another basic amenity by the entire student community which is the provision for a separate toilet complex and a part of it has already been completed.

There is plan for an exclusive building for administrative purposes.

There are various committees operating which are again responsible for various functions.

The Governing Body takes important decisions regarding the development from time to time.

The IQAC works in tandem with the Governing body and the Principal as a liason coordinates the functioning of institutional activities pertaining to the academic, administrative, financial, infrastructural and other activities.