• No student shall remain outside his/her class room .
  • Students are forbidden to loiter on the corridors/ verandah . They are advised to stay in students Common Room / Reading Room during their leisure hours .
  • Students need to occupy their seats before the teacher enters into the class room and shall not leave their seats when a lecturer is in progress .
  • Spitting , disfiguring , sticking bills / scribbling etc. on the walls, floors, pillars, doors , black boards of the college are strictly prohibited .
  • Students are advised to take all possible care of their college properties and must not tamper with the same .
  • Misbehaviour of a college student inside / outside the college premises shall be considered as breach of college discipline and may entitle such offending students to be expelled from college with appropriate remarks on his/her certificate .
  • Students should present their identity cards as and when demanded .
  • Students are expected to abide by the general hygienic principles and submit themselves to such anti-epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal .
  • No meeting of students can be convened inside the college without the permission of the principal .
  • No outsiders should be invited to deliver lectures in the college without the prior consent of the Principal .
  • Students of the college are forbidden from belonging to any outside club or society . Students must obtain prior permission from the Principal to take part in outside organisations.
  • Breach of any of the above rules of discipline by any student will be seriously dealt with .
  • It is duty of the students to keep the College campus clean and beautiful .

As per the direction of the Govt. of Odisha Higher Education, all the students of the college have to wear a uniform dress either selected / procedure by the college(quantity of their choice). Every student of the college have to enter the campus with uniform dress, Identity card, Library card. Without these information the student can not enter into the campus, and any teacher can pull them out of the classroom, reading room, and Library. he can be debarred from all sports, co-curricular activities (Cultural, NSS, Sports) and Examination works. Students have to adhere to wear the uniform to maintain the discipline and dignity of the institution.

  • After admission, every fresh student is provided with an identity card with the seal and signature of the Principal.
  • Students are advised to carry their valid identity card with them and produce whenever necessary such as during journey / Examination /official work.
  • Duplicate identity card may be issued on payment of Rs. 25/- along with an application to the Principal and a recent passport size photograph.

Objective of Proctorial System :

  • To stimulate a healthy relationship between the teacher and taught.
  • To remove indiscipline of any form among the students.
  • To improve the academic performance in the Examination.
  • To give students a measure of self confidence , fellow feeling for the teacher, public and others including Government authorities which will not only make them food students but good citizens as well.

Function of Proctorial System :

  • Each member of the teaching staff will be designated as proctor and the teacher leader of a number of students .
  • The proctor shall assist exercise effective control and influence over students under his charge .
  • The proctor shall assist in academic and over all development of the student under his charge .
  • The proctor shall inquire into their carious problems and help to solve them either by himself of by bringing it to the notice of the head of the institution or the parents of the students.
  • The proctor shall be maintain the quarterly proctorial record and shall submit to the Head of the institution of the last working day of every sessional term.
  • The proctor shall send quarterly progress report to the Parent / Guardians of the student , whenever demand necessary.

Instruction to student :

  • Each student of the college will be placed under the charge of a proctor . The student will meet the proctor at least once in a week of even more and discuss his/her difficulties and problems.
  • The student shall furnish such information to the proctor as are required for the maintenance of the Proctorial Records.
  • The student shall ordinarily be available always as and when required by the Proctor. He /She shall carry on such duties as the Proctor may give from time to time and shall not leave headquarters without informing to the Proctor .
  • No financial help or other forms of assistance, concession will be given to a student unless recommended by the proctor.
  • The promotions at the college examination and the issue of the final conduct and transfer certificates will be also passed as far as possible on the proctorial Record of a student during his period of study in the college .
  • An adverse report against a student by the proctor be deemed as gross misconduct by the student and will be dealt accordingly.
    Students are allotted to each Proctor by their Roll Numbers.

The college has two Hostels to provide accommodation to the outside students -1st boys’ Hostel & 2nd Girls’ Hostel (under construction), for both +2 & +3 students. Each hostel is under the control of one superintendent.

  • Admission to the Hostels is made for one session only.
  • The selection of the students is done purely on merit basis. It is made in accordance with the provision committee and also rules framed by the Residential committee.
  • Students who seek admission to the college and want to stay in Hostel have to submit an application separately to the Principal, indicating their option on the admission application submitted in the college to the effect that they desire to stay in the Hostel. Students who have already taken admission in hostel during the previous session and also want to continue as the Hostel borders in the current session, have to apply to the Principal through the superintendent of the concerned hostel. Admission in subsequent session can not be claimed as a matter of right : but is subject to review of conduct discipline etc.
  • Students selected for admission to a hostel have to pay necessary fees and fill up the required undertaking and documents in the hostel office before they are actually permitted by the superintendent for admission. The are required to submit a copy of their latest passport officer at the time of admission to the hostel.
  • Local students are not eligible to apply for a seat in the hostel.
  • If a student desires to stay in a hostel beyond the 31st may for his /her university Examination on reasonable ground, he / she has to make a fresh application to the superintendent to that effect and may be permitted by the superintendent to continue till his / her examination is over on payment of usual dues. He / she will not be allowed to take part in any of the hostel activities during the period of stay. In no case he / she will be allowed to continue beyond the end of his / her examination.
  • A student who discontinues to appear at the examination will not be allowed to continue in hostel .
  • Each boarder must take meals in the hostel mess on payment .
  • Allotment of seats in the hostel is purely at the discretion of the superintendent.
  • At the time of leaving the hostel, the boarders shall be required to return in good condition all the materials supplied to them. Their caution money will be refunded only after the superintendent receives back the materials in good condition otherwise necessary recoveries will be made. The transfer certificate cannot be issued form the college unless he / she produces no dues certificate from the hostel.
  • Admission fees for the hostel, annual charges ,establishment charges and other fees of the hostel are to be deposited in the office of the superintendent. These charges are subject to change and enhancement from time to time with the approval of Residential Committee. A detailed account of the fees of hostel can be ascertained from the super
  • The use of the extra electric appliances is strictly prohibited. Contravention of this rule will make a border liable to expulsion from the hostel and this will automatically mean expulsion from the college also on ground of misconduct .
  • Electricity and water charges as fixed by the respective authorities are to be divided equally among all the boarders on rolls during the month for which the bill is drawn .
  • Any temporary servant employed in the hostel will be paid his consolidated salary out of the establishment fund .
  • No boarder shall be permitted to take his meals in any part of the hostel except the room set apart for that purpose by the hostel authority .
  • Leave of absence from the hostel must in all cases be obtained in advanced from the hostel superintendent. It will ordinarily be granted unless a written request is made by the Parents of Guardian .
  • If boarder overstays the leave granted to him he has to bring a satisfactory written explanation from his Parent /Guardian to that effect, failing which he will be liable to disciplinary action deemed fit .

Forbidden practices for Boarders :

  • The following practices are forbidden in the hostels.
  • The use of harmful drugs, alcohol intoxicants or tobacco.
  • The use of playing cards or any form of gambling.
  • The introduction into the hostel of any person not authorized by the superintendent.
  • Bringing of papers of periodicals and books not on the list approved by the Government into the hostel common room, library of rooms.
  • Singing of playing of musical instruments except during hours authorized by the superintendent.
  • Holding of any meeting except without the approval of the superintendent.
  • Lobbying and campaigning in any form which leads to concerted action.
  • Tampering with electric lines.

The above rules operate with equal force for boarders of all hostels.

  • No boarders will be allowed to go for private tuition during study hours . He must be present in his seat during study hours.
  • No student is allowed to keep guest with out the written permission from the superintendent.
    Expulsion from hostel amounts to expulsion from the college.
    Acts of misconduct, infringement of hostel rules, observance of forbidden practices affliction of communicable disease and other forbidden activities which are detrimental to discipline administration of the hostel and college will make a boarder liable to be expelled.
  • The boarders are required to observe personal cleanliness and develop an attitude to keep the hostel premises tidy. The hours 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. constitute study hours every day except Saturday. The hostel gate remain closed during this period and no outsider will be allowed to enter the hostel premises. The hostel gate will finally closed at 11p.m. after which no one will be permitted to enter the hostel. Absence during study hours and in the night without prior permission will attract punishment against such activities
  • Ragging in any form will attract police action.

A student s’ Grievance Redress Cell is in operation in the college with members of teaching staff assigned with the duty vide Sl.No.39 under the head ‘Co-curricular Assignments’ in the college Calendar.
Student s can ventilate their grievances to the officer in charge of redress cell between 11.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
However, if the students fail to get their grievances redressed at the cell, they may meet their respective proctors or with the written permission of the proctor to the Principal between 3.00p.m. and 4 p.m. only on normal working days.


An ‘Anti ragging Cell’ is functioning in the colleges to prevent ragging. The students are required to give in writing confidentially to any of the members of the ‘Anti Ragging Squad’ , notified in the College Calendar Vide SI.no.28 under the heading ‘Co-Curricular Activities’ about the ragging by any student, if occurred in the college.


Normally C.L.C etc. would be issued on the second day of application. Students are required to bring their identity Cards when they come to office for any official work. CLC will be issued for students after obtaining permission from principal on the payment of Rs..250/-(Rs.10/-as the CLC fees and Rs. 240/-development fees). And each and every pass out students must have to take their CLC from the office along with their mark sheets and certificate issued by the CHSE and BU in the time to avoid return of certificates to CHSE / B.U. after stipulated time.


Certificates for railway concession tickets are issued to students of the College for journey on the study tour (Group Concession Only) and to go home in vacation only. The details can be obtained from the office.