Classrooms 16 Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated with natural light and has sufficient number of lights and fans. Adequate seating facilities are provided.
Smart Classroom 01 Out of 16 classrooms, 01 no. is smart classroom. Smart board with Ceiling mounted LCD projector and 32 nos. of computer with internet facility and with advanced audiovisual multimedia facilities to organize Seminars, Lecturers and other academic activities and administrative meetings.
B.Sc. Laboratories 05 Well equipped B.Sc Laboratories contains all equipments required. Physics-2 no. of rooms, Chemistry-1 no. of room,Botany-1 no. of room,Zoology-2 no. of rooms,Geology-1 no. of room.
Computer Labs. 01 30 nos. of Desktop Computers with UPS facilities, LAN ,Internet connectivity, printer for BCA students
Auditorium 01 Well furnished with attached toilet facility.
Staffroom 01 Well furnished with attached toilet facility, Computer with internet connectivity.
Central Library 01 It is housed in three spacious rooms which are made hospitable for the purpose of with a reading room adjacent to it.
Department staff room 15 Well furnished and provided with desktop having internet facility.
CC-IX-Plant Ecology and Phytogeography It enhances the knowledge about different factors of ecology, biotic interactions, functional aspects of ecosystems, plant communities etc. Plant ecology is a subdiscipline of ecology which studies the distribution and abundance of plants, the effects of environmental factors upon the abundance of plants, and the interactions among and between plants and other organisms. Phytogeography is concerned with all aspects of plant distribution, from the controls on the distribution of individual species ranges

Facilities for outdoor games

01 no. of play ground having dimension 100mx60m
Facility Nos. Description
Play ground 01 100mX60m outdoor field
Kabadi Court 01 11mX8m
Ball and badminton court 01 12mx24m
Khoko field 01 36mx18m
Volleyball Court 01 18mx9m
Athletic Track 200mtr.   Athletic track with ground facilities for Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Javelin Throw.
Utilizing all these facilities, the College has been conducting the many intercollegiate tournaments for encouraging sports talent among the students.

Facilities for indoor games

Table Tennis 01 2.75x 1.53m
Caroms and chess boards 06 Availability at Boys ‘common room, Girls ‘common room and Ladies hostel.
Gymnasium 01

A well furnished Gymnasium of about 400Sq.Meter area has been set up under the active guidance of our P.E.T. which is used by the students round the year at free of cost before and after the working hours. The components available in the Gym are as follows:

  • 1.Sports Cycle Sharp fit
  • 2.Peck Deck
  • 3.Leg Press
  • 4.Bench Shoulder
  • 5.Leg Circle
  • 6.Leg extension Body shop
  • 7.Power Plus
  • 8. Dumbles of 2/2,3/2,4/2,5/2,6/2,7.5/2
  • 9.Rubber and steel Plate
  • 10. Weight Machine.
Outdoor podium 06 for cultural activities

Extracurricular/Co-curricular activities (dance, drama, debate, quiz, music etc.) have been closely interwoven with the curriculum. The Well laid flooring of 3375Sq.Meter within the College premises is used for Yoga training and Self-Defense programs to Girls’ and for events involving large gatherings.