An Alumni Association is functioning in this college. It is constantly engaged in the promotion of academic and co curricular activities of the college.

Objectives of the Association :
  • Dr. Sujata Samantaroy, Lecturer in IRPM
  • Smt. Subhasree Mishra, Lecturer in Education
  • Smt. Madhusmita Mohapatra, Lecturer in Chemistry
  • Smt. Padmini Raulo, Lecturer in Mathematics
Membership ::

All ex-students of the Chikiti Mahavidyalaya shall be eligible for the membership of the Association.

Office bearer Name Cell No
President Dr. Manoranjan Pradhan +91 9437914818
Secretary Sri Prasant Kumar Prdhan +91 9438041910
Vice-President Sri Ranjan Kumar Brahma +91 9437858788
Vice-President Sri Sanatan Pradhan +91 9438450137
Convener Sri Radhakanta Padhy +91 8093175253
Treasurer Sri Biswanath Das +91 9439187022