Youth Red Cross And Red Ribbon Club

The college has started one unit of Youth Red Cross from this session 2009-10 for the purpose of inculcating in the youth of the country, the idea of peace and the practice of service, especially in relation to the care of their own health and that of others, the understanding and acceptance of civic human responsibility and the cultivation and maintenance of a spirit of friendly helpfulness towards other youth in all countries.

At present this is working as the Youth Red Cross Association functioning with the Principal, Chikiti Mahavidyalaya as its Ex-officio President and one of the members of the teaching staff as nominated Counsellor of the Association. At the time of admission each student pays a sum of Rs. 10/- to this Association and thereby becomes a member of the Association by submitting a separate application to the Counsellor. From among the active members a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a joint secretary will be nominated by the Principal in consultation with the active members assembled in meeting.

From the total collection at the time of admission, 30% is sent to the Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar as state share along with a sum of Rs. 10.00 as group registration fee.

Students are advised to take the maximum advantage of the organization by becoming its active members and involve themselves in the humanitarian work conducted by it.

A Red Ribbon Club is also functioning in the college with the aim to work for eradication of HIV/AIDS.

Active members in charge:

  • Sri Sanatan Gouda, Lecturer in IRPM
  • Sri Asutosh Sahu, Lecturer in English