The college of examinations for the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha, and the University at the end of the academic year and also class examinations to promote the +2 1st year to the 2nd year.



As per notification of Government of Odisha, dated 30-09-2011, a student is required to have 75% of the attendance general lectures, Tutorial and Practical classes in order to be eligible to be sent up for Council of University Examinations. The same percentage is also required to be promoted for the 1st year to 2nd year of +2 and +3 classes Cases below 75% of attendance will not be ordinarily considered and would be detained. However, condo nation may be granted to the extent of 15% in exceptional case on the production of medical certificate. In case of +2 , the student should have 80% of attendance in Tutorials and Practical’s taken separately in addition to 75% of attendance in general lectures. Council grants, condo nation to the extent of 10% in exceptional cases.

The students of 2nd year Arts, Science and +3 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year Arts and Science students required to appear tow examination conducted by the College. Such as Pre – test Test examinations. The students of +2 1st year Arts and Science are also required to appear two examination conducted by the college such as : First Terminal Examination & Annual Examination.
The students will be sent up for the University and H.S. Examinations of +2 and +3 primarily on the basis of marks obtained in the college promoted unless he / she secures the minimum number of marks prescribed by the University or Council in each and every subject. However the rules are subject to change from time to time.
Application for leave of absence due to illness must be accompanied with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner duly attested by parent of guardian.
Any case of malpractice at any college examination will be taken serious notice of and the candidate indulging in mal practice shall be penalized with a fee of Rs. 250/- for consideration of examination if recommended by the committee. Otherwise the result will be cancelled.

  • Candidates are to observe strictly the rules laid down by the University of the Council. mentioned on the back side of the Admit Cards.
  • The candidates should bring the identity cards and Admit Cards to the Examination positively. If any persons found impersonating for any other candidate he / she will be handed over to the law and order authorities to be dealt with under the provisions of Cr.P.C.
  • No candidates shall leave the Examination hall before the expiration of one hour after the commencement of the examination. Temporary absence from the hall for more than 2/3 minutes is a violation of examination rules and discipline. Such candidate will be punished as the Center Superintend dent deems it proper.
  • Candidates should not produce any noise of disturbance in the hall of misbehave with the invigilators. Such cases will be seriously viewed and it may amount to expulsion by the Center superintendent then and there.
  • The candidate should not have any other material with them except pen, pencil or instrument box. Those in possession of incriminating materials will be booked under Malpractice cases and then law will take its own course to deal with such case.
  • Infringements of the above rules or misbehaviour will render a candidate liable to expulsion from Examination hall such other punishment as the Principal may deem it proper.

The council of Higher Secondary Odisha , conducts the Examinations at the end of 2nd year . But where as the University conducts its examinations at the end of each session of the three classes(+3 1st year , 3rd year ). No supplementary examination will be held for both +2 and Degree stage . The Council has provided a chance to appear instant examinations soon after the publication its result .For the Degree students the University is provided back paper and improvement for improvement for fail and students occupied below the par in Honours for a particular chance /time .

All the students of +2 & +3 are required to be registered with their names and subjects through the Principal taken to the Council and University before being admitted to appear the examination . Students from other state Boards / University shall have to submit migration certificate from such Boards / universities.

Every candidate for an examination of the University shall produce evidence of having preciously passed the qualifying examination if any ,prescribed by the law of the University.
He shall also , unless exampled by special order of the Syndicate . may be either on the order of the Academic Council or in accordance with the Regulation, Produce in the form prescribed by the Syndicate the certificate of attendance required by the regulation.

No candidate will be permitted to sit for a university Examination unless his terms and annual certificate of attendance, certificate of conduct and progress of the order of exemption , if any , granted to him have been received by the Registrar for the commencement of Examination.

Every candidate sent up for the University examination by a college shall produce certificate of (a) good conduct (b) diligent study (c) having satisfactorily passed the college periodical examination and other tests.