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The basic aim of this paper is to get a deep insight into the aspects of an industry which engages the workers and employees in a productive manner to get the best output. It throws light on labour laws and legislations which play a vital role in solving industrial unrest and ensuring industrial peace and harmony.


The basic objective is to understand the intricacies of employee and employer relationships within a industry, human resource management practices, employee development strategies and optimum utilisation of manpower to get the best outcome. This paper will definitely enable to students to understand the concept better.

CORE-1; Industrial Relations

– it is a multidisciplinary academic field that studies employment relations, that is complex interactions between employees, employers, labour, trade union or employers organisation and the state. It helps the students to gain deep insights about employee relations and the practical problems faced by them and the industry.

CORE-2; Labour Legislation

Is a paper that describes labour laws which is related to employee relations. Understanding labour laws like Trade Union Act, Social Security Act will definitely help students to acquire idea about the laws that have been enacted and implemented for the workers within the industry.

CORE-3; Principles and Practices of Management

This paper is an outcome of recent practices and principles that is related to management, it explains the different aspects of management and role of a manager too. Hence it is very helpful for the students to learn management aspects, its importance and functions,

CORE-4; Labour Welfare

This paper is very important in explaining the implementation of new schemes and to develop organisation. This explains the welfare schemes of the workers. This paper will enable the students to understand the welfare schemes initiated by the government to develop the people.

CORE-5 ; Human Resource Management

The basic objective of the paper is to study the importance of human resources of an organisation , managing the resources in the most effective manner, motivating them to perform better. It also provides the basic inputs of management and helps to know how the work should be carried out using the existing potentials of the employees.

CORE-6; Trade Unions and Employment Relations

This course deals with the aspect of Trade Union, its role and importance in a industry, its contribution and also functioning. It highlights the importance of a union in a industry to develop the workers and negotiate the management. Without union workers strength is lessened.Understanding this paper is very important as there is a recognition and identification of union in a positive approach.

CORE-7; Social Security

This paper has a two fold significance for every developing country. It constitutes an important step towards the goals of a welfare state by improving living and working conditions and affording the people protection against the uncertainties of the future. Hence this will help students to gather knowledge regarding the various acts and schemes under social security.

CORE-8 ; Human Resource Development

This paper speaks about developing the existing human resources using various methods and methodology. This is because the organisation needs to face tuff competition in the global market. Hence human resources need a continuous development initiated both by the organisation and themselves. Understanding this paper would give great insight to students to the various methods to improve human talents and quality.

CORE 9; Labour Economics

It is lookout to recognise the dynamics and functions of the markets of labour. It is a function by interaction and dealing of employees and workers. It tries to understand the result pattern of income, employment and wages by looking at workers, employees and employers. This paper enables the students to understand the basic dynamics of the market with special reference to workers.

CORE-10; Labour Legislation-2

Labour legislation again constitutes the labour laws pertaining to employees and industry like industrial disputes act, Factories Act, Employee Compensation Act etc. students after going through this paper will understand the various laws including disputes, accidents of workers, compensation given to them. A fair idea on this aspect is highly required for the students.

CORE-11; Corporate Social Responsibility

This paper provides immense knowledge regarding the social activities and responsibilities carried out by the corporate houses. It is the social responsibility of the company towards the society and people. This will enable the students to understand the role of corporate houses in developing the surroundings and its people.

CORE-12; Compensation Management

It is essential for integrating employee efforts with the organisational goals and objectives. It is a management tool for controlling and directing employees productive energies for improving organisational competence and performance. This enables the students to learn the various aspects of compensation given to employees in different levels.

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