Library of a college or University is an essential part of contributing to the scholarly pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. The library of this college is one the leading library in the region with a rich collection having 16006 books as on 28th Mar. 2014 including the books of the Reference section and Departmental books. It also houses rich collection of palm leaf manuscript and rare collections like Puma Chandra 'BhasaKosa' & Encyclopedia Britanica of 21st Century.

Guidelines for the use of the Library
  • The library remains open from 10.00A.M. to 5.00 P.M. on all working days.
  • Printed mate Hals (other than those, which are expected to be returned to the library) are not allowed inside the library. Such materials 'are to be deposited at the property counter at the gate and token be asked for.
  • Only the staff and students of the college and persons with the special permission of the Principal may use the library.
  • Persons having unsound mind, insanity lunacy, and even if otherwise qualified to enter into the library, will not be allowed to enter into library. Members of staff are not allowed to bring friends inside the library without prior permission .
  • Unauthorized persons forcing their way into the library will be turned out of the library by the library staff. Only the members of the staff have access to the shelves with permission from the library staff.
  • The library premises shall be used only for reading or consulting books and periodicals of the library. Smoking and use of any intoxicant inside the library is prohibited.
  • All those who happen to be inside the library or in its neighbourhood are expected to observe strict silence.
  • The librarian is expected to see -that the rules of silence strictly observed and take necessary steps to check wilful breach of rule.
  • Every student is required to enrol himself in the library after submitting a copy of the passport size photograph and producing the Identity card duly signed by the Principal showing his class and roll number. Ticket will be given to the borrowers and only on the production of the ticket they can demand a book. When it is lost a duplicate ticket will be issued on the payment of a fee of 0.50 paise .
  • Borrowers must examine the condition of the books they are issued at the time of issue. Otherwise they will be held responsible for the damages discovered later at the time of returning. In case of loss of the books three times. the cost of the books which are out of print and out of market or the present price of the books which are available in the market should be realised. It must be insisted that books are replaced as far as practicable. If the lost book is one of a set or series the cost of the whole set or three times the cost of the whole set as the case may be will be realized from the borrower.
  • No book should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the library staff and until it has been properly issued.
  • Books should be returned within the period allowed. The time limit for student borrower is 15 days. For student borrowers who fail to return the book/books after the time specified, a fine of 10 paise will be charged per day per copy kept overtime. This fine of ten paise per day will be charged till the expiry of 30 days or a month from the due date of return. When it . exceeds one month a fine of Rs.5/- (rupees five), per book will be levied.
  • All the library books shall. be returned by the staff concerned who proceed on study leave.
  • When the date of return of book falls on a holiday, it should be returned to the library on the next working day. If the borrower keeps the book in his or her possession for more than the time allowed, an additional fine will be imposed including late fees. No more books shall be issued to him or her till the books issued is returned and the late fee paid. In extreme cases the privilege of using the library may be denied to such persons.
  • All library books in possession of the borrower should be returned to the library before the college closes for a long vacation or before the date notified for the purpose. No staff and students will be allowed to have book in his or her possession during the summer vacation in-which the stock is verified annually.
  • Whosoever has a library book in his or her possession should return to the library whenever he or she received requisition from the librarian for the return of the book.
  • All the library books have to be returned before a student fills up the form for the University/Council Examinations and a clearance is to be obtained to that effect.
  • A book once issued to a borrower may be reissued to him or her, only when nobody else wants to take the book .
  • The maximum number of books be issued to. different categories of borrowers is as follows:
    • Teaching - 15 books for one month
    • Demonstrators - 5 books for one month
    • Class III / l V staff - 3 books for one month
    • Students - +2 Stream - 2 books for 15 days
    • Degree (Pass) students - 3 books for 15 days
    • Degree (Honours) students - 4 books for 15days
    • BCA Students - 3 books for 15 days

    When a book has several parts. and volumes, each parts and volume should be treated as one book.

  • Issue and return of library books day-wise for various classes given below :
    1. Class Day
    2. +2 I Year Mon
    3. +2 II Year Tue
    4. +3 I Year Wed
    5. +3 II Year Thurs
    6. +3 III Year Fri
    7. BCA Sat
  • Reference Books , Maps , Atlas ,University Calendars , periodicals , course of study , question papers are not to be issued for use out of the library with out special permission from the Principal . Books on specific subject will be issued only to the teaching staff of the concerned department and students .
  • Although all the books in the library are available for authorized users, the Principal has the right to step the issue of any book to. all or Some intending borrowers. Text books will in no case be issued to anyone except the member of the teaching staff of the subjects concerned .
  • A person who uses library is expected to be conversant with the library rules and there will be no excuse for the breach of any rule.
  • Fines/cost recovery relating to Library are to be . deposited at the college counter and the money receipt should be presented before the Librarian for verification.
  • When a member of the staff is transferred from the college he/she shall return all books borrowed by him/her from the library and sectional library and obtain a clearance certificate from the Librarian and the Head of Department concerned before making over charge.
  • In case of transfer of the employees or students the documents like. L.P.C., T.C., and Mark Sheets will not be issued unless a clearance certificate Is received from the librarian.
  • In case of retirement of an employee, financial benefits-like sanction of G.P.F. or final withdrawals, pension papers will be held up unless the clearance certificate is received from the librarian.
Reading Room
  • The reading room will be kept open during the working hours of the college.
  • Only Students of the college can use the reading room on production of their identity card.
  • The reading room is meant for reading or to consult books periodicals, journals etc. Sleeping, eating, smoking etc. in the reading room are strictly prohibited.
  • The rule of silence should be strictly observed by those who are in the Reading Room.
  • Periodicals, Magazines placed on the. table should not be shifted from place. No page should be torn or anything be written on periodicals.
  • Misuse of the reading room will be considered as a serious breach of college discipline.
  • The reading room will be managed by a member of the staff nominated by the Principal.
  • No printed material(s) other than the note book is allowed inside the Reading Room.
  • The students/teachers must sign the register noting their time of entry and exit. They will note the name of magazine/periodical/papers used by them.