Anti - Ragging – Cell

The incidence of students ragging has posed to become a burning challenge to social menace as well as our society that believers in the philosophy of Basudheiba Kutumbakam (The whole earth as a family). Students – ragging in on rise these days. This heinous practice method out to juniors by seniors shakes the foundation of our social fabric of Tolerance and cohabitation. The chilling or gory incidents of putting individual’s life at shock the parents who send their young one’s for education. Our institution is very much sensitive to this burning issue. Necessary efforts are made to curb this violent mind-set of students who seek admission there. The students are well informed about the good practices of the institution in the counseling session. The members both teaching and non-teaching do take care of the students as their young ones. The students are also warned about the consequence in case they resort to destroy and defile the peaceful ambience of the institution. Therefore and Anti-Ragging cell is functions in the college to look after the incidents of ragging and to initiate appropriate disciplinary action against the offenders on the physical plane, the entire campus including class-rooms and corridors are out indoor CCTV surveillance to augment safety and security of students.

Discipline committee and Anti-Ragging Squard:
  • Dr. Nrusingh Charan Panigrahy, Reader in Botany
  • Dr. B Devraj, Reader in History
  • Sri Anand Maharana, Lecturer in Economics
  • Sri Sunil Kumar Padhy, Lecturer in Mathematics
  • Smt. Subhasree Mishra, Lecturer in Education
  • Dr. Sujata Samantaroy, Lecturer in IRPM
  • Sri. Kailash Chandra Mohanty, Demonstrator in Biology