There shall be a Seminar for every existing Honours subject of study in the College; the name is which shall be "Chikiti Mahavidyalaya , (name of subject) seminar". -
The main object of the Seminar shall be the pursuit and promotion of study in the subject by means of holding seminar meetings, symposia, discussion and debates from time to time on topics and problems related to the subject.
All students of the Honours classes are ipso-facto members of the seminar. All Lecturers in the subject are honorary member.
The head of the Department is the Director of the Seminar. He shall guide the activity of Seminar and preside over all academic meetings, in his absence the next senior Lecturer present shall preside.
There shall be an advisor for the seminar to be nominated by the Director from among the Lecturers of the Department. -
The Executive Committee of the Seminar shall consist of the following (a) Director, (b) Advisor, (c) Secretary, (d) Asst . Secretary. The Secretary & the Assistant Secretary shall be nominated by the Director once in a session from among the +3 Final Year and +3 2nd Year students respectively.
The Secretary shall be responsible for organizing the seminar activities under instruction from the Director and for maintaining records , proceedings .and accounts under his supervision. The Asst. Secy. shall assist the Secretary and assume all the responsibilities of secretary in his absence.
At least two Seminars shall be conducted on a subject for academic discussions in the course of an academic session. Participation in the seminar shall. be encouraged and given due credit.
The Seminar fee per student shall be payable at the beginning of the year.
The Seminar Library shall be operated under the general supervision of the Director through the Advisor. The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Advisor in issuing books and keeping records.
The Principal is the controller of all seminars. He may alter, amend or abrogate any or all of these rules at his discretion. In addition to that, the college is required to organize National/State level Seminars and symposia to make intellectual discourses amongst the scholars of different colleges and Universities: The UGC also provides financial assistance from time to time to hold seminars in different inter-disciplinary subjects.

N.S.S. (National Service Scheme)

Golden Opportunity, Join N.S.S., Serve Nation!

The National Service Scheme was launched in 1969 with the objective of imparting education through community. service: Although the objective is yet to be realized and it is directly linked with the restructuring of the curriculum in the Universities, the N.S.S. activities have provided sufficient experience to teachers for making it An integral part of the curriculum. The National Service Scheme has since its reception provided through its extra mural .Programme to the Universities and colleges in adopted villages, slums or areas where social service effort have been directed to the benefit of the community and for the educational experience of students and teachers.
The National Service Scheme has been introduced in the College from the session 1985. At present there are 4 units of N.S.S. out of which one unit is assigned for girls. All the students of the College are eligible to join as N.S.S. volunteers.


The N.S.S. aims at the active involvement and participation of students in the community serviced while they undergo studies in the college. The major I objective of N.S.S. are to promote student's social consciousness and provide them the opportunities to devote their leisure to the service of the nation to work among the people to understand through direct experience the realities of social life, to develop a spirit of fellow-feeling and service to the needy to put into use the knowledge and the skills gained in the class room for the practical solution of social problems, to understand and accept the dignity of labour and to inculcate in the students a sense of patriotism, communal harmony and national unity.


As a rule, students having .genuine interest in social work are selected and enrolled in N.S.S. As the scheme is based on voluntary service the students of all classes are eligible to join. The selection for students enrolment is made by officers in charge of N.S.S.


Programmes will be designed primarily to create permanent community assets like community orchards, tanks, irrigation channels, etc. and' creating an impact on the quality of life of the community.

  • Constructive Work - Building, roads, repairs of roads, renovation and cleaning of tanks, wells, improvement of public places etc.
  • Education-Adult literacy, social education, libraries, book banks.
  • Health-Service to patients in hospitals, environmental sanitation, health service, distribution of medicine, vaccination and inoculation, etc.
  • Socio-economic survey and educational survey.
  • Small savings drive.,
  • Anti-dote programmes and old age pension.
  • Soil testing Plantation:
  • Bana Mohachhab in College, Hostel and" rural villages.

For eradication of social evils like un touch ability, child marriage, dowry, anti-sanitation, anti-national integration, corruption and to promote, soil testing campaign for agricultural benefits. . Service during emergency: Flood, Famine, Accidents & Epidemics etc.
Student volunteers enrolled into N.S.S. are required to work for 120 'hrs., during the session including their work for 7 hrs. per day in1 0, days special camp which is usually conducted in vacations preferably in rural area .

Programmes for Students:
The Social Service Scheme programmes selected by Chikiti Mahavidyalaya, Chikiti provide the following experience to participating N.S.S. Volunteers.

  • To work with and among people.
  • To bring change in creative and constructive social action.
  • To enhance their knowledge of themselves and community1hrough a confrontation with reality.
  • To put their scholarship to practical use in solving at least of the social problems.
  • To gain skills In the exercise of democratic leadership.
  • To gain skills in programme development and enable them to get self employed.
  • To learn discipline, punctuality and hard work.
  • Pada yatra campaign for motivation.
Incentives to students:
  • Award of merit certificate in recognition of their service at the college level university level and national level.
  • Opportunity to participate in seminars, visit to different rural places to undertake NSS work project or. to see development programmes.
  • To receive training for democratic leadership.

A student who joins the N.S.S. shall have to put up120 hours of field work out of which 70 hours field work will be done in the camp within the prescribed days.

  • Join N.S.S. for self purification and Service to Common folk.
  • Education through Community Service.
  • Service to Man is Service to God.
  • Do work sincerely, no advertisement.

Youth Red Cross And Red Ribbon Club

The college has started one unit of junior Red Cross from this session 2009-10 for the purpose of including in the youth of the country, the idea of peace and the practice of service; especially in relation to the care of their own health and that of others, the understanding and acceptance of civic human responsibility and the cultivation and maintenance of a spirit of friendly helpfulness towards other youth in all countries.
At present this is working as the Youth Red Cross Association functioning with the Principal, Chikiti Mahavidyalaya as its Ex-officio President and one of the members of the teaching staff as nominated Counsellor of the Association. At the time of admission each student pays a sum of Rs.10/- to this Association and thereby becomes a member of the Association by submitting a separate application to the Counsellor. From among the active members a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a joint- secretary will be nominated by the Principal in consultation with the active members assembled in meeting.
From the total collection at the time of admission, 30% is sent to the Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar as state share along with a sum of RS.1 0.00 as group registration fee.
Students are advised to take the maximum advantage of the organization by becoming its active members and involve themselves in the humanitarian work conducted, by it.'
A Red Ribbon Club .is also functioning in the college under leadership of Prof. Sanatan Gouda, lecturer in IRPM, Programme Officer, with the aim to work for eradication of HIV AIDS.

Scholarship, Stipend & Finance Assistance

  • Post Matric Scholarship are awarded every year by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, ' to the 1st Division or otherwise very meritorious student passing the H.S.C. / its ,equivalent examination.
  • The Government of Odisha award some. Junior College Scholarship _and a number -of other scholarships on the basis of merit-cum-poverty for Post Matric studies.
  • Student belonging to scheduled caste, scheduled tribes; de notified, nomadic, semi-nomadic tribe and lower income group are awarded scholarship by 'the Government of India. The lower income group students, who have secured at least 50% marks in aggregate and whose, parent's annual income does not exceed RS.2000/- are eligible to apply.
  • Children of Ex-service personnel and Defence personnel are also entitled to get stipend or post Matric studies.
  • National, Loan, Scholarship is awarded by the Government of India to the meritorious and deserving students securing 60% marks producing their parent's income bellow Rs. 6000/- PA.
  • The Government of India award some scholarships to the children of Primary School Teachers for Post Matric studies.
  • Other scholarship, loans, stipends etc., as may be available are notified from time to time on the, college notice board, besides the above, the college awards the following scholarship to the students.

Awards(Back-Paper Students Exempted)

Students .securinq- more than, 70% marks. in Maths in CHSE Exam. in 1st chance of appearing, reading two years in this institution is being awarded Rs. 4001- every year.
Govindananda Dyanasamantra Memorial Award is being given away every year to the best Sports person of the Institution.
Smt. Padmalaya Panda Award is being given away every year to the Cultural. Champion of the +3 students in the Annual Cultural Function .
Sri Dayanidhi Sahu. Award is being given away every year to the' Cultural .Champion of the +2 students in the Annual Cultural Function
is being awarded every year to the best essayist on NEELAKANTHA DASH which is sponsored by Gen. Secretary Lion Basant Kumar Panigrahy of Utkal Sammilani .
The best student securing highest marks in 1st chance in the Political Science Honours from the college in the Final University Examination for the year awarded the Cash Prize .
The best student securing highest marks in IRPM Honours in first chance from the college in the University Examination for the year will be rewarded the Cash Prize of Rs. 300/- .
Lalit Manjari Devi Memorial 'Award is being awarded every year to the champion of champions (girls) for sports .
This award is being given away every year for securing highest marks in Chemistry Honours at degree stage .
This award is being given away for the best literary creation in Odia language and literature.
This award is being given away to the best student of the College .
This award is being given away to the student of this college for securing highest marks in mathematics honours in final university examination.

Planning Forum

The name of the Forum shall be Chikiti Mahavidyalaya Planning Forum.
The aim of the Forum is to spread plan , consciousness among the teachers and students of the college and through them among the public. To promote this, the Forum will organize from time to time discussions, seminars, symposia" etc. relating to planning and economic development of the country. It shall undertake activities such as Small Savings, Population Control, Literacy (NLM), Agricultural Developments; Soil Testing, etc. Economic Surveys which are helpful for successful' implementation of the country's plans.
The membership of the Forum is open to all students and members of teaching staff of the college. The Principal shall be the ex-officio' President of the Forum and a member of the teaching staff of the Economics Department nominated by the Principal shall be the Vice-president.
A secretary shall be elected from among the students' and an assistant Secretary from among' the first year & third year students at such time and in such manner as the Principal may determine. The' Executive Committee shall consist of the, , President, the vice-president, the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary.
The Secretary shall convene all meetings of the Forum, organize discussions, seminars, etc and keep records of the meeting, discussions, and other activities and maintain a register of active members one regular basis.
The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the performance of his duties and shall assume all the responsibilities during the absence of the, Secretary.

Odia Sahiyta Samaj

There shall be a literary association in the college called "ODIA SAHITYA SAMAJ"
  • To organize meeting and symposium etc. on Odia language, literature and culture.
  • To invite eminent scholars' of the literature to address the members of the Samaj.
  • To organize different competitions 'in the language from time to time.

All students of the college shall be its member.
All the members of the teaching staff of the Department Odia are its ipso-facto members.
The Executive Committee of the OSS consist of the Principal as its Ex-Officio President, the HOD of Odia as its Ex-Officio Vice President, all other teaching members of Odia Department as associates and a Secretary and a Joint-Secretary be nominated from amongst the '+3 and +2 students respectively. The committee, will decide the holding of its Annual- Function .. and arrange Seminars and Literary Competition.

College Magazine

The College Magazine "SWETAKA" is published once a year. The magazine is intended for the encouragement and development of original literary expression of the students and also from . the members of staff of the college. The magazine is edited by an editor assisted by an Editorial Board nominated by the Principal from among the members of teaching staff. In addition there will be an editorial board to consider all matters regarding publication of magazine. The Secretary of Odia Sahitya Samaj will be the student . representative to help the editor, Principal is the Editor in - chief and final authority in all matters regarding the publication of college magazine.

Old Boy's Association

The Association shall be called The Chikiti Mahavidyalaya Old Boys' Association. Objectives of the Association:
  • To provide opportunities for social intercourse and to promote friendly relation between the Old and the present students and members of the staff of Chikiti Mahavidyalaya.
  • To enable the Old Boys of the College to take a healthy interest in the welfare of their alma-mater andtn the educational and cultural development of the State of Odisha.
Membership: All ex-students of the Chikiti Mahavidyalaya shall be eligible for the membership of the Association.